We bridge your mobile app and Smart TVs.

Are you a content owner or media publisher, looking for an option to play your media content on Smart TVs? With our Play2TV SDK, you can enable your users to watch your media content, not just on mobile devices, but also on bigger screens.


On both iOS and Android

We think the way a mobile developer thinks. Our SDK is developed in a way that it can be easily integrated into your mobile apps on iOS and Android.


Choose your own plan

Our pricing model is tailored to your needs and to your app download rate. Click here to contact us. We would soon reach out to you to discuss more on your needs.
























Let your users enjoy your video content on a bigger screen. Best part is users do not need any additional app or physical setup to play and enjoy content on TV.


Seamless Experience.

With our SDK, we give you the power to choose your own user interface for playing videos on TV, or use one of ZappoTVs standard user interface templates.

250 million compatible devices

The ZappoTV SDK works with more than 250 million connected TVs and 5000 manufacturer models which includes Smart TVs from brands including Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips, Panasonic, Toshiba and Sharp. In addition, Airplay and Chromecast are also supported. The list of devices supported by our SDK is available here.


Control beyond Second Screen

While watching video content on TV, users can use their mobile device to control video playback on TV or can browse other video content available in the app. In short, your mobile app would act as a controller as well as an IP remote.


Increase user engagement

Research has shown that user engagement within an app is longer when users can view their media content on a bigger screen. Use this opportunity to increase your user’s in-app activity.


How it works

- Click here to contact us. Our team would soon reach out to you with a link where you can download the SDK.

- Download & Integrate the SDK

- Download the SDK for your platform (iOS or Android) and integrate the SDK into your app.

- Active the SDK

- Activate the SDK in the app by sending us your app details.



“Thanks to ZappoTV, our users are now able to enjoy our videos on their SmartTVs whenever and wherever they are.”

    -Lara Ankersmit Head of New Media at NOS

“Working with ZappoTV was wonderful. They were fully engaged with our management and technology teams, which led to a very efficient and smooth integration process.”

  -Tom van den Broek, Product Manager New Media at NOS