Checklist & FAQ





Please take a look at a checklist we have put together for you to get started with ZappoTV. This should get you up and running in no time.

Here we go!:



1.     Make sure that your connected TV or connected device (i.e. Western Digital TV Live, Xbox 360) is turned on.

2.     Make sure that your mobile device (iPhone/iPad or Android device) is on the same network (or sub-net) as the devices and media center solution you are using;

3.     Launch the ZappoTV application by selecting the application icon on your screen;

        (You may want to place the ZappoTV app icon on the app tray or on your home screen for easy access).

4.     Select the play-out Device using the Play2TV drop-down menu. The device(s) should appear when clicking on the Play2TV icon.

5.     Start browsing for content.



If you encounter issues while using the app, you may want to do one or more of the following:



   Reset the device.


  Reset the ZappoTV application on iOS, Follow the following steps:

     - Close the ZappoTV application;

     - Double Click the Home Button on your mobile device;

     - Hold down your finger on the ZappoTV icon in the running application tray;

     - Select the Home Button to return to the standard view;

     - Launch the ZappoTV application by selecting its icon on one of your application screens or tray on your home screen.


  Reset the ZappoTV application on Android, Follow the following steps:

     - Exit the ZappoTV application;

     - If the app is running, "kill"/terminate the app using the Application Manager which is accessible from your Settings menu.

     - Re-Launch the ZappoTV application by selecting its icon on one of your application screens or straight from the Application Manager.


  Turn the Firewall Settings to "OFF" - In some instances, some of our users experienced an issue when trying to connect to the ZappoTV servers.  This issue was resolved when the firewall setting on the router was changed to "off".


   Open Port 8042 - If you are getting the error that states: "The connection with the ZappoTV server timed out" it may be that you need to open port 8042. ZappoTV uses port 8042 for its webservices.



If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us.




Troubleshooting 101:


When you encounter issues with running the app, and watching content on your TV (or external playout device), the issue could be one of many. However, for many applications, the problem can be fixed by following the below steps:

1. ‘Kill’ the app and restart the app

2. Restart your phone by turning it off and on

3. Uninstall and reinstall the app (sometimes applications can be installed incorrectly if the connection is interrupted during install)




Q: What is ZappoTV?

A: ZappoTV is the Mobile Media Center for your TV. Using one of ZappoTV's applications (available on both iTunes and Google Play), you can enjoy tons of media content (including your personal photos and videos) on your mobile device and your connected TV.



Q: What content do I get to see on my TV?

A: ZappoTV is able to deliver virtually an unlimited amount of photos, videos, podcasts, and music from the Internet and from your device or home. The power of ZappoTV is that you are able to enjoy content from many different sources you are familiar with.


You can immediately start enjoying photo, video, and music content from YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Uberstations, and everything from your smart device.. In addition, we offer tens of thousands of podcasts from many sources including but not limited to TED, Digg, ABC, CBS, CNet, CNN, Engadget, Fox, G4, HBO, HDNet, NASA, Reuters, SlateTV, and ZDNet.


Our library of content is continuously getting larger. If you would like for us to offer content you are not seeing when using ZappoTV, let us know and we will look into it!



Q: Why should I use ZappoTV when I already have apps for all my photos, videos, and songs on my phone?

A: Because unlike any other app or mobile device, ZappoTV consolidates all your photos, videos, and music into one single place. Finally you have all of your content at the tip of your fingers. Share what you like, listen to, and watch with your friends. One of the best features of them all is that you can launch all of your content straight from your phone onto your television!



Q: What makes ZappoTV app so special?

A: As mentioned before, ZappoTV puts all of your content in one easy and accessible place…your phone! Finally you have all of your content at the tip of your fingers. With ZappoTV, you can also launch all of your content straight from your phone onto your television!



Q: Where can I use ZappoTV?

A: You can use ZappoTV on the go, at home, your friend’s place, or wherever your travels take you. If you want to enjoy ZappoTV on a “big” screen like a TV, you will need a compatible connected device and TV, or a supported internet-enabled TV.



Q: What connected devices and Media Center Solutions can I use with ZappoTV?

A: ZappoTV currently supports Smart TVs from Samsung , LG, Sony , Philips , Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba, the Western Digital Media Players (WDTV Live, WDTV Live Plus, WDTV Live Hub Media Center) as well as the Xbox 360. For more details, please see our dedicated supported devices page.



Q: Can any TV play my ZappoTV content as long as it is connected to an Xbox 360?

A: Yes, even older TVs that are not Internet-connected will work with ZappoTV as long as the Xbox (with Media Center Extender mode enabled) is connected to the same network as your mobile device.



Q: Why can't some of my media content play on certain devices at my home?

A: This is because some pictures, videos, or music have different file types and formats, which sometimes aren't compatible with all of your devices. ZappoTV tries to only show you content that will play on your device.



Q: What do I do if I run into any other problems?

A: Please let us know what problem you are experiencing. Our support staff will be happy to answer any of your questions and try to find a solution.



Q: I don’t have a question--I have an answer!

A: Great! Please share it with us!